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Tablet Repair You Can Count On

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Services Offered on Tablets

Tablet repair services we offer, but not limited to

Digitizer Repairs

Fixing a cracked glass on your tablet is just a phone call away. Using premium glass, we get the job done right the first time.

LCD Repair

Lines of color in your display, or no image at all? Tech Guru can get you back up and running again.

Battery Replacement

Battery no longer holding a charge like it used to? We can replace it for you, without charging for a screen too!

Charging Port

Most common damage caused to tablets is damage to the charging port. They get worn out and break pins fairly easy.

Connection Issues

Nothing worse then hoping on your tablet to download play your favorite game or read your favorite book, to find out the wifi isn't working on it.


Battery wasn't charged enough for the update? Woke up to your iPad in a boot-loop? Software diagnosing can be done in the shop.