Xbox Repair
We have the knowledge and experience to professionally fix your Xbox Console.
HDMI and USB Ports

No Video signal on the TV, USB Ports not picking up and devices? Maybe you damaged it by not pulling the HDMI cable before moving?1

Hard Drive and SSD

Data issues with your system? Mechanical drives and SSDs can be replaced or upgraded. 3


Stick drift, stuck buttons, battery problems and many others, we can fix your controller. 5

Disc Read Errors

Game discs not reading or not showing up all together? 2

Power Issues

System shutting off during game play or just not turning on? 4

Wifi and Bluetooth

Connection issues are the worst, but sometimes it is in fact your system and not the internet provider or controller.6

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HDMI, USB, and Ethernet

Xbox repair



HDMI, USB, and Ethernet Ports can all become damaged for various reasons, the main one being an individual moving the system while a cable is plugged in. We always recommend keeping stationary systems in the open air with easy access to its back panel.

Disc Read Errors


Disc drive errors can be such a downer. We fix many issues that may arise with your game systems disc drive.

  • No Disc
  • Disc Will Not Go In
  • Disc Will Not Eject
  • Game Will Not Play
Hard Drive and SSD


Symptoms of your data drive going bad can very far and in between. A bad hard disk drive can keep a system from even powering up.

  • Game Lag
  • Blank Screen
  • No Signal
  • Stuck Loading System
  • Power Off
Power Issues


System not turning on or powering off in the middle of a game? Power issues can come in many forms, and we are here to fix them.

  • No Power
  • Powering Off Randomly
  • Power Cycling
  • Instant Shutdown


The most common repair needed for controllers is stick drift, this is because the Thumbsticks are generally the most used buttons on your controller and collect dirt and wear out over time. We can also fix power issues and connection issues with your controller.

  • Stick Drift
  • No Button Response
  • Power Issues
  • Connection and Syncing Issues
  • Charge Port
WIFI and Bluetooth


WIFI not connecting can ruin a day of gaming and can be very frustrating. We have the tools to replace the IC that is common to go bad in many systems. Controller not syncing? We have that covered too.

  • No WIFI Connections Available
  • Unable to Connect
  • Unable to Sync Bluetooth
  • WIFI Drops
Other devices from Microsoft we repair.

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