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Samsung Tab Repair
We have the knowledge and experience to professionally fix your Samsung Tablet.
Screen Replacement

Cracked glass or lines in the display?1


Battery discharging faster than normal? Drops in percentage a lot over just a few minutes? 3


Connect to iTunes? Boot-looping? You may have corrupt firmware and we can help. 5

Charging Port

Cleaning to replacing, we can do it. 2

Camera and Lens

From a cracked lens, to destroyed cameras, we have seen it all. 4


Stuck to failing buttons, we can get them clicking again. 6

Heard enough?
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Screen Replacement

Samsung Tablet Screen Repair



The most common repair we see is the screen. Made of glass, it is easy to break.

All of our screens are Premium to Genuine quality, with a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.

Learn about protecting your devices here.

Charging Port

Samsung Tablet Charging Port and Battery Repair


Charging ports on a lot of models are easily damaged and clogged. It is the one part that sees a lot of wear due to inserting and removing the charging cable.

A common thing we do see is the cable not going in all the way. This is most commonly due to dirt and lent. Every time you put your phone in your pocket, you are pushing more and more lint and dirt in side that tiny hole for your charge port. You then plug your phone in, compacting that lint and dirt inside.

We offer to clean this out for free, as you can damage the small pins inside the port, if not done properly.

Your port can be damaged just by this dirt alone, unfortunately.  Don’t worry, we can fix that too.


Samsung Tablet Charging Port and Battery Repair


Majority of newer phones will tell you in the settings if it is time to service your battery. Most of the time you just know. Here are some signs it is time for  new battery.

  • Charge not lasting long
  • Taking a long time to charge
  • Phone is running slow
  • Battery only charges to a certain percent
Camera and Lens

Samsung Tablet Cracked Lens


Get a black screen when you open up your camera?

Dropped and cracked the protective lens?

We can replace your camera without charging you for a screen replacement, and we can replace the lens so you can take clear pictures once again.


Samsung Tablet Software Fix


Software issues can happen from a number of reasons. Failed updates, loss of power during update, or just a corrupt update all together.

Some apps can even cause such a crash to happen.

Your tablet could be boot-looping or just stuck in recovery mode. We can get the software installed back and get you on your tablet in no time at all.


Samsung Tab Repair


Stuck buttons? Maybe caused from liquid or debris? We can get those worked out and clicking again.

But what if you dropped your tablet and now the buttons are stuck? There is a chance you caused either a dent, bend or a damaged around the area of the button. We can also fix that with many methods learned over the years of experience in seeing many tablets for this very reason.


We look forward to doing business with you.

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