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Mobile Phone Repair you can trust.

Why Call a Geek, When You Can Trust a Guru?

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Multiple services offered on Multiple Devices

With the knowledge and ability to work on virtually any device that comes into the shop, know your devices are in the right hands. Choose a Guru not a Geek.

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Screen Replacements

Experiencing touch issues? Lines in your screen? Cracked glass?
We can fix that, with a lifetime warranty!


Charge Port Repair

So you damaged your charge port, now what? Bring it to us and we can have your device charging again!


Battery Replacements

Stuck on Low Power mode? Health indicates a low percentage? Battery just not holding a charge? We can replace your battery and get you back to life again!


Speaker and Microphone Repair

Nothing more frustrating than hearing "I am having trouble hearing you" Is it you or is it them?
Get a free diagnostic service to find out!


Accessories​ for your devices

Staying protected is very important and so is having all the extras you need to enjoy your device. Stop in to find the accessories you need.

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