Computer Repair in Grand Forks
We have the skills and knowledge to fix your laptop and desktop, whether it be a PC or a Mac.

No Video signal on the TV, USB Ports not picking up and devices? Maybe you damaged it by not pulling the HDMI cable before moving?1

Hard Drive and SSD

Data issues with your system? Mechanical drives and SSDs can be replaced or upgraded. 3

Virus Removal and Tune Ups

Stick drift, stuck buttons, battery problems and many others, we can fix your controller. 5

Battery and Power

Game discs not reading or not showing up all together? 2

Keyboard and Touchpad

System shutting off during game play or just not turning on? 4

Wifi and Bluetooth

Connection issues are the worst, and can be a software or hardware issue and we can get you connected once again.6

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Cracked that screen on your laptop? With access to multiple suppliers, we have the best price GUARUNTEED to replace your screen and get you back operating once again.

Battery and Power


Power issues can come in many forms. Desktops PSU failure can come in the form of overvoltage to hardware in your system, causing them to not run as they are designed, or can even burn them out.

Laptops have charging ports that can easily break, and they seem to just keep getting more fragile. With our advanced soldering skills, no laptop is a challenge for us repair it’s charging port.

  • Desktop Power Supply
  • Laptop Charge Port
  • Laptop Charging Circuit
  • Battery Replacement
Hard Drive and SSD


“You have ran out of space” is a less scary warning than “No Boot Device Found” and being prepared is the right course of action.

Files are becoming larger and the demand for storage space is higher than it ever has been.

Maybe you just need to prepare for the future or maybe you forgot to backup your computer this month and now your system won’t even boot? We can replace and recover that data for you.

  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware Level Data Recovery
  • SSD Upgrade
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • SSD Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement
Keyboard and Touchpad


Laptop Keyboards and touchpads can become damaged in many ways. From normal wear and tear, to liquid and physical damage, we can fix and get you back to clicking and tapping once again.

  • No Response
  • Keys Missing
  • Touchpad Not Working
  • Liquid Damage
Virus Removal and Tune-ups


Computer acting slow? Weird programs running in the task bar? Unable to access files?

You may be a victim of a type of computer virus!

With our advanced scans and system knowledge, we can get you cleaned up and typing documents in no time at all.

  • Malware
  • Trojan
  • Ransomware
  • Tracking Cookies
  • Slow System
  • Unknown Programs Running
  • Adware
WIFI and Bluetooth


It seems like everything requires an internet connection today. Many programs we use require some kind of sign in to properly work and without internet, you can not sign in.

Unable to connect any Bluetooth device to your computer?

  • No Internet
  • Slow Speed
  • Devices Not Found
Data Recovery


Computer stopped working and you need that important data? We offer basic to advanced data recovery.

Basic is when there is a Path to Data, or device is working enough that we can access the data with no hardware repair.

Advance Data Recovery is when a device is dead, or no signs of life and hardware repair is required to recover the data.

  • File Recovery
  • Image Recovery
  • Deleted Partition Recovery
  • Dead Hard Drive Recovery
  • Accidental Deletes
  • Liquid Damage Data Recovery

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