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Cutting-Edge Solutions: Unveiling Our Comprehensive Tech Repair Service Plans
Silver Plan 2024
TG Green Plan 2024
Gold Plan 2024

At Tech Guru LLC, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand-new service plans, revolutionizing your tech support experience. Designed with your unique needs in mind, these plans bring together cutting-edge features, unbeatable savings, and unparalleled support. Let’s dive into the details of each plan, crafted to elevate your digital journey:

Silver Service Plan Overview: 

Welcome to the gateway of comprehensive tech care! The Basic Service Plan is tailored for individuals seeking top-notch support for phones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems. Key features include:

  • 15% off ALL Accessories
  • 15% off Labor on ALL Repairs
  • 50% off Tempered Glass
  • Limit 1 Person
  • $35 Internal Cleanings of Computer and Game System
  • $40 OS Cleanups/Tune-ups and Virus Removal (3/ Year)


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Enroll today to enjoy personalized attention, exclusive discounts, and peace of mind knowing your devices are in capable hands.

Gold Plan: Optimal Tech Care for Two:

For the dynamic tech duo, our Middle Plan offers the perfect balance of affordability and premium services. Key features include:

  • Limit 2 People
  • 2 Phones, Tablets, 2 Computers, and 2 Gaming Systems
  • 30% Off Labor on ALL Repairs
  • 25% Off ALL Accessories
  • $20 Internal Cleanings of Computer and Game System
  • $30 OS Cleanups/ Tune-ups and Virus Removal (6/ Year)
  • 50% off Tempered Glass (1st set $5 a piece)


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Seamlessly connect your digital ecosystem and enjoy unmatched support and savings tailored for two.

TG Green Plan: Premier Tech Support Experience:

Unveiling the zenith of our service offerings – the TG Green Plan. Ideal for individuals and families seeking top-tier assistance. Key features include:

  • Limit 5 People
  • Limit 10 Devices
  • 50% Off Labor on ALL Repairs
  • 35% Off ALL Accessories
  • Free Internal Cleanings of Computers and Game Systems
  • $15 OS Cleanups/ Tune-ups and Virus Removal (Unlimited)
  • Free Tempered Glass or 25% off Protection Pro (Unlimited)
  • $300 Screen Damage Coverage for 2 Phones or Tablets (50% off any additional)


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Experience the pinnacle of tech support with our premier plan designed to cater to all your digital needs.

How to Enroll:

Ready to embrace the future of tech support? Enrolling in our new service plans is easy! Visit our store or contact our customer service team. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the most out of your devices while enjoying exclusive discounts and services.

At Tech Guru LLC, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our new service plans are crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Stay connected, protected, and worry-free with our advanced tech support.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Prices and discounts may be subject to change. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.



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