It’s that time of year again, the weather is warm and the water is great! That also means you are at more risk of water damage, but will rice actually work?

Short answer… No!

Water Damage and Rice, we have all heard of this trick at some point. Why?

Uncooked rice is very dry meaning it will soak up a lot of moisture, so we can see why this would be a “great” idea, although in reality you are causing more harm than good.

When your phone or tablet is damaged due to water or liquid damage, that means the device has entry points. These entry points are perfect for dust and starch from the rice to get into the device.



What happens when food product is wet? MOLD!

That’s right, you are inadvertently causing mold to grow in your device, which will cause problems and damages of it’s own.





What can dust do? Dust can cause short circuits as many dust particles contain conductive material. ZAP!





Water CorrosionWater corrosion

Water corrosion is inevitable when it comes to water damage, regardless if the rice “worked” you will still have issues from the corrosion that gets worse over time. Some water damage is irreversible, due to severity. Water getting to main components can short a device out for good.


What should I do when it happens?

Your best option is to get to the closet repairs shop, and do not try to power off / on or press any buttons on the device.

If you can not, rice is an ok quick solution before making it to a repair center. Your device may even begin to work, but you still risk the future damage from mold growth.

What to do

  • Do not try to operate
  • Put in rice temporarily if needed
  • Get to closest service center ASAP
  • Cross your fingers!

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