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Mobile Phone and Tablet Services

Screen Replacement

Cracked glass, flickering display, lines or blacked out screen?

Battery Repalcement

Battery no longer holding a charge or not charging at all?

Microphone and Speaker Cleaning

You can barely hear your friend? Your friend can barely hear you? Music not playing as loud anymore?

Microphone and Speaker Repair

When a cleaning doesn't work, a repair may be your next solution.

Charging Port Cleaning

Charging cable won't go all the way in? Charging is hard to accomplish?

Charging Port Repair

You cleaned your port but it still wiggles and will not charge? A Repair may be your next solution.

Water Damage

Took your device for a swim?

Cracked Back

Those glass shards starting to fall out?

Service and Signal Issues

Nothing worse than a signal drop at an even worse moment!

Camera Repair

Camera not responding? Camera lens is cracked?

Power and Volume Buttons

Pressing and pressing and pressing? Before a repair, let's try cleaning it!

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging not working?

Bluetooth Connection

Troubles with bluetooth connection? 

Virus Scan and Clean

Clicked the wrong link? Phone acting slow? We can do a system scan and clean it up for you.

Data Recovery and Transfers

Recover lost data or transfer to a new device.

Software Resets

Reset device software and settings.

Game Systems

Cleaning and Thermal Paste

Keeping your game systems cleaned internally is important to the cooling system and longevity of your device.

HDMI and USB Ports

HDMI or USB port look like they were in a battle? Loose and no signal? We can have your back to playing in a day or two.

No Video Signal

Console turns on but you get no display on the TV?

Video Artifacts

Lines on your TV when you turn the console on? Red Dots pon the screen?

Switch Displays

Although it is hard to do, it can crack.

Switch USB-C Port

One of the most common repairs we see needed on the switch are the USB-C Ports.

Controller Repair

Your character still moving when you let go of the thumbsticks?

Hard Drive Upgrade and Repair

Hard drive errors? Not enough space?

More ABout Game Systems