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Television Repair
We have the knowledge and experience to professionally repair your Television.
Dark Image and Shadows

Dark screens can be caused by a few different issues. Backlights can be replaced and boards can be repaired.1

Power Issues

TV just not turning on? It is likely a failed power supply, or sometimes failed backlights causing this issue. 3

Cracked or Damaged Screen

Unfortunately we do not repair cracked or damaged screen TVs. We do however offer free recycling for them where other places may charge you to do so. 2

Connection Errors

Connection issues? WIFI, Bluetooth and remote, when all else fails your TV may need board repair. 4

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All TV repairs require an appointment to drop off

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Dark Image and Shadows

Dark images and shadows are most commonly a result of failing backlights. It can also at times be a sign of a board issue. We can replace these backlight or repair the boards at a component level.

Cracked or Damaged


Although we do not repair a damaged and or cracked screen TV we do offer recycling at no cost to you, where other places may charge to do so. We will also take any size in for recycling.

Power Issues


Often your TV will give an error indicator when it will not power on, by flashing the red, blue or white Power Indicator light in a certain pattern. Other times it may not shine at all, or will shine solid.

Although some of these flash patterns can point to many root causes, we have the tools to narrow down the right one, and the knowledge to repair them at a component level.



Connection Errors


Smart devices have been a huge advancement in Television technology, but it does come at a cost.

In a world of wireless connection, you are bound to experience some connection problems from time to time, but did you know it could be the hardware inside the TV itself when it happens often?

Resetting your router or restarting your TV fixes it for a time, but that annoying connection error keeps coming back? It’s time for Tech Guru to give you a hand.


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